29 Nov 2018
Meet Svetlana Taran, owner of Lana's Beauty Salon.

Here in Clongriffin Town, we’re lucky to have a close-knit business community serving not only our hometown but the surrounding areas too. As development in Clongriffin Town continues to grow, so does local business. So each month, as part of ‘Business Profile Series’, we’ll highlight a business here in Clongriffin Town and their commitment to serving the Clongriffin Town community.

Lana’s Beauty Salon is a community staple here in Clongriffin Town. Offering the widest range of beauty treatments you could imagine, Lana’s Beauty is the place to go if you want to add a little joy and sparkle into your day.

Run by owner Svetlana Taran, a beauty technician from Moldova with 16 years in the business, the salon prides itself in its mission “to inspire, empower and make people happy”.

From eyebrow threading to massage, hair extensions and various wax treatments, Lana’s Beauty Salon offers a wide range of treatments to suit any occasion.

“You name it, we have it.”

Lana’s Beauty advertises a variety of special deals and packages: Whether you’re getting ready for a big once-off event (such as a wedding, debs or communion), or simply going for your weekly pampering trip, Svetlana’s team has you covered.

There’s even a loyalty scheme on offer for returning customers.

People feel at home in Lana’s Beauty Salon.

Svetlana tells us that meeting new people is one of the best parts of the job. If you pop in, you’re sure to feel at ease in this chic boutique. The staff are locally renowned for their warm personalities and technical skills.

It’s not just locals who visit the salon; people come from far and wide to get pampered at Lana’s Beauty. Whether they’ve come for a pedicure or for Svetlana’s incredible nail art (have you seen it?), people can’t get enough of Lana’s Beauty.

When asked about her experience as a business owner in Clongriffin Town, Svetlana says:

“There’s a great sense of community here in Clongriffin and everyone is very friendly.”

“For example, I would recommend and send clients to Revv (the nearby barbers), and in return, they’d do the same.”

She says that she sees a bright future for her business in Clongriffin Town, noting that there’s a strong potential for the Clongriffin business community to continue to grow and flourish. See more of the Clongriffin Town business owners.

You can find Lana’s Beauty Salon on Facebook & Instagram–You should check out all the fantastic work they do there.

Alternatively, you can book via email lanabeautysalon@yahoo.ie

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