It takes bravery to forge ahead, to create not just one of the country’s largest ever conceptual developments, but to build a town and a community within that physical space.

A real town evolves. It grows from the ambition of the residents and business owners who choose to be in the area and watch it thrive. So rather than creating a town, we are setting up the space for a town to flourish. By looking to the experience of fast-evolving city centre communities, we can establish what attracts a community to embrace and engage with its civic and commercial spaces.

When Gannon Homes bought the land Clongriffin Town is situated on 20 years ago, they saw the potential not just for a housing development, but for Clongriffin Town. A place which would offer its residents, businesses and visitors the intimacy of village life coupled with the opportunities of a town. Working alongside CIE and DCC, Gannon Homes developed the infrastructure that would support and sustain a thriving community.

Gannon Homes has always stayed actively engaged with the area. Clongriffin Town is now undergoing a second phase of major development to enhance and complete the most significant new urban centre in Dublin. We want to create a diverse and vibrant cultural, social and leisure economy that attracts people to experience Clongriffin Town, by creating a safe, stimulating and respected town that welcomes people from all walks of life.

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Gannon Homes is committed to building a completed town for Clongriffin, and has already delivered on a range of essential buildings and services, including homes, shops, a DART station and an underground carpark. Meanwhile, planning has been secured for a wide range of additional homes and services.

Gannon Homes is hugely supportive of the local community. Here’s what the local community had to say about Gannon Homes on their ‘Thank You’ note following the help and support they received during the annual Family Fun Day:
‘Thank you to Gannon Homes for trusting us, believing in us, and being so patient with our requests. Your belief in creating a strong community is as strong as ours, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with us.’